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2019 New Year Letter

Just for the records.

Part I

{I hope this will be as short as possible.}


Re: A vision, for our common future, which houses the only single formula to fix any problem! I mean it ;-)

{May even help with any health issues you may have; simply by creating a positive nurturing impact on your structure. But mostly socioeconomic ones I refer to.}


Hi everyone,


First of all, in 2019, I want you all to promise you’ll start making investments for our common future. Thinking about it or speaking about it or doing something for it; They are all investments! I’m not necessarily saying monetary investment, where of course if you can, invest money, too. Donation to an NGO, or for a cause you’re concerned about can be considered the simplest form of it I believe. Investment is not just about money. Me writing such a letter and try to bring us all to the same page, let’s call it common future page, is an investment for example..


If you’ve been doing it already, I mean investing in our common future, somehow sure you are doing it, then you should promise you’ll take it to the next level upward! Because apparently all your efforts, combined with all other efforts, were not sufficient at all. If you do not bring in new tools or include new dimensions, somehow act differently, we'll be just like playing around and nothing will really change.


Well, I've been doing this, investing in our common future without any hesitation for a long time by all means. I will get into all details in the future. Now by the end of 2018, thanks to my stubbornness let’s say, my investments gave its fruit! A fruit which belongs to you all, and which can just be perfectly used by anyone worldwide in the name of our common future as well as our individual futures.


Re what I will tell you now about this fruit, when it comes to talk about it, I never knew where to start... Even while I was working on it I had issues because the situation was a total mess with multi dimensions, from my point of view at least. But once you get a grasp of it, you’ll see what I mean. In fact you already know it.


So let me start from changing the world which is also the main goal!


We have heard a lot about changing the world; still we do, just like the very present moment, you are hearing it from me.


But, as far as I know, we have never heard 'how'. Even a simple theory that could be used by everyone worldwide! Excuse me if there are such theories and I didn't hear. Is there one that you heard of? We will utilize them too along the process. We will make them known, too, because all efforts count and must be considered and must be introduced to the public both to get them involved and to make the theory functional.


Rumi said; ‘Change yourself and the world will change.’ But how?


Gandhi said; ‘Be the change you wish to see in the world.’ Again, how?


Ok, we know what these quotes mean but for a real ‘bingo!’, ‘change’ must be described first. You must go thru it and totally internalize it. And then what? Is being the change alone sufficient, or, should you continue to spread and multiply the effect you create? How will you do that? What if your ‘change’ is a lazy one first of all?  


With this vision I've been working on we'll have a comprehensive and right to the point systematic to all these ‘how’s and questions. We will see far beyond these quotes, we will understand and grasp their depth. Most importantly we'll practically make them active parts of our lives. 


At the beginning, or during the process, I didn't know what I was working on was a vision. I just kept working, came up with various ideas, etc. Sometimes I was afraid of not being able to wrap it up and make an end product. However, at the end, I believe it became a fantastic end product for any target group, yes, it can be used worldwide by anyone at any age from any background with any demographic. Individuals can use it, NGOs can use it, companies can use it, institutions can use it, and state organizations can use it. A child can use it, a grandpa can use it. The best part is that once the grandpa works on it, it will be the best legacy he or she will leave behind.


So, simply, this end product, the fruit, is a vision. Many micro visions and modules inside. Either pick the one you want and use it, or take the whole vision and see where and how you can fit it in your everyday agenda. By agenda I mean the total of your thoughts, words, and actions.


Well, I can talk all day about this but we must move fast. We have to arrive at the start line where the real action will begin. Right now, all these we are involved with, I mean not only specifically now now but in general now, which is taking up whole of our agenda, are only preparing us to that start line. Once we arrive at the start line we are going to be just beginning. Yes, whatever we have thought, spoke, did so far, whatever achievements or failures we went thru they all prepared us to the start line where we will begin to change the world. So what I am trying to do is a bit like wrapping up our agendas, and adding a little bit spice in them to make them tastier, more efficient and more meaningful on the way to our common future.


So if you all invest we'll come to that start line fast.


Ok, enough of philosophy... but let me tell you this, in this vision there is philosophy too, in other words we'll make philosophy function and become practical and routine for everyone everywhere.


Now let's come to the general framework of the vision...and start from its hearth.

E+MODEL is the heart of the vision. The heart that will start the change from very you (Like Rumi and Gandhi said).

E stands for entrepreneurship. + is plus, which means this is not the type of conventional entrepreneurship models.

E+MODEL is simply how we will all switch to +mode globally.

This E+MODEL is convertible, I mean it doesn't become a car but seriously and visually becomes your home sweet home. Both the home home and this world as our home.

If you invest I will show you how.


So I said E+MODEL is only the heart, not the whole. There are other such models which you can, and you will, install into your E+MODEL, or you can use them separately independently... You'll see at some point it will make its way to E+MODEL anyway. I don't want to tell everything all about this vision at once. Because I also want you to discover it once you begin to work in it, or on it...It will be all over you so I should say in it.


E+MODEL, like the overall vision, can be used by individuals, by schools, by companies, by any organization. In fact it must be used! Not can be…

It must be included in the education systems first of all.


E+MODEL is the heart of Renaissance 4.0

So, there are other models, like 7 or 8 major ones.


E+MODEL is the heart of Renaissance 4.0. Renaissance 4.0 is the heart of another bigger vision where Renaissance 5.0 is waiting for you. Yes, Renaissance 5.0 is ready, too. Apparently we have a loong long way to go. May God help us all.


Now let's come to what kind of a great deal we’ll have, and how you will be able to invest.


To be continued…

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