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Why not first consider ordering a new vision, which comes along with a magic super formula you can use in many forms for a variety of purposes? It also reveals the only practical and result oriented methodology for the human progress towards a better common future for all. If you are already active in such fields, this formula and the vision will become a great companion to enhance your potential and agenda further.

It is simply a +mode for every single person, because, there is just too much required to do by you all for our common future. No one person or any celebrity or any association, company, business person, entrepreneur can alone cope with. You must be in the game, and become an active player in the solution! This will be a child play with this super formula coming along with a lot of other great things.

The formula, the vision, and the whole scope will be revealed as minimum 1.000.000 jury is in place. But we'll be doing and achieving a lot on the way to 1 million, and thereafter. Join now, be in the first 1.000.000, reserve a jury seat and a spot on the project's website. It will be fantastic to be the jury of such a right on time methodology!  *Satisfaction guaranteed + Refund policy in place + Nothing missing except some technical things I'm sure! 

Entrepreneur's Showcase

Consider buying the most visionary product you've ever seen?

It is time now! This will be your best investment!

Besides, best refund policy you've ever come across!

 100% idealist and realist production, with all its details and comprehensive scope you can rely on both for your own individual future and our common future as humanity. 

      It is time for +mode!     

 For individuals from all backgrounds, for   students,for professionals, for teachers, for   schools, for families, for children, for senior   citizens, for companies, for NGOs, for groups of   friends-colleagues, for politicians, for countries,   etc. For you   all... For the whole humanity! For any cause you are working on! The only functional and productive tie not only between your peers but also, and more importantly,  between generations! 

   Be pioneers of the pioneers!   


Here is that one of a kind product that will touch, and effect, every bit of your outlook!

Not only for your future, but for our common future most importantly!

First examples of brain storming probably began to show as man began to come together around fire after they discovered it!

Now we come together around ideas... Every new idea is not only a great opportunity to come together around it, but also a great hope and active inspiration for a great future for the humanity. 

The idea of changing the world is everyone's dream; Let's make it everyone's dream! But how?

As far as I know, there's never been a theory about 'how to change the world', let alone a practical basic and 'inclusive' formula that can be used by every one!

Now, thanks to this vision


You are going to have a comprehensive, yet compact, answer to 'how to change the world'. Or how to play an effective role in changing the world in the direction you prefer and we all want...

The vision, coming with a magic formula, and including a very practical theory with action now plan that can be used by anyone at any age from any background for any purpose, aims at fully activating yOUR potential!

It will even let each one of you write your own book about 'how to change the world'.

So; Let's first change the very first thing you think of buying upon entering a store, or when you say you need to do some shopping! That's why here I suggest you think of ordering the magic formula and a new right on time vision with almost 2 decade long R&D


Yes, a brand new vision beyond fantastic for every one of you out there, for our common future!


 Option#1; 1 YLE pp (Your Local Exchange; USD, Euro or GBP for now).

Minimum order 10 which I call Min10; so that you will share and evaluate with 9 other people.

Option#2; 1 YLE pp; Higher than Min10: You determine how max! Maybe all your friends? Or the whole 1.000.000!

Option#3; Free Whole scope will become public and free for all once the target is hit. 

 Valid for all options: You can put the price tag yourself later once you get all about it, and,

send or don't  send the balance. However you wish. Just another idea to brain storm later when the time comes. This is all about brain storming, but in a systematic and productive way.

 I mean, in one way or another you will have it,

yet I have to provide everyone the best configuration along with its 'productive' refund policy,  just so that in many ways you/we will make the best out of it.  

Briefly to say;

You will fall in love with every single detail! Satisfaction guaranteed. 

Go ahead, order now, become a jury, 

become one of the pioneers of the pioneers!

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