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the must summit of systematic idealism

A campaign for Humanity's common future! First of its kind. Impossible to describe the whole scope, since it's an endless scope... First must to understand is to feel the need first. Rest is baby play, because it is all covered in this vision. As a result of a decade long and just completed R&D. Oops, sorry, more than a decade! Now it's your turn to step in.  Renaissance 4.0 Just a start in one of a kind way!

Entrepreneur's Showcase

Even better news; A brand new 'right to the point'  ism  will follow! You are the luckiest! It is not so common someone witnesses the birth of a new ism you know, which you can simply personalize and rename it, with all its comprehensive philosophy in place without any blank or question mark!


Project Super Humanity

You're all in the thesis jury!

R&D completed.

Philosophy completed.

We will start from ourselves, and arrive at ourselves.

This is what you're looking for!


Once the idea of changing the world is in your mind, it is in your life. Now it will be in your mind, and in your life, too. Not only the idea of it, but also, most importantly, 'how' of it. This super formula is the key, and it will be the one and only tool you will always refer to!

The whole scope will transform to your new personalized ism!

Magic Formula, The Basic Visionary Set, the app, Renaissance 4.0, and more... All must go! 

And all together, you'll have a sustainable, right to the point, brand new ism! Which you can simply personalize just as per your goal or wish! It is basically a methodology for a great future for all, also to be used to save the humanity and protect the planet by all means. And it will all start from very you...


Stay tuned, but get involved now! For only 1 USD, Euro or GBP. Order for others, too, and give them a new age gift, make them jury of this new vision! So that you'll have a new agenda to chat on when you meet for tea or coffe. Meanwhile, everything in the scope is modular and can be customized; so you can use the complete scope as a whole, or can pick the modules you want. Practical at  any age for any background with any profession from any culture.

The 1 million target is to secure you get the best out of all this scope while you are becoming a founding element of this new Renaissance 4.0. This way of introduction is also required for the scope to fulfill its target mission of creating the +mode feeling upon you. It is time for us all to be the synergy! All participants will be listed on the project website if they want to and stay there forever:

 !!! Please consider all above and below as side information and register at if you decide to get involved.

  • The whole project from A2Z including the R&D -up to now- and this present campaign is all designed and run by me only. I'm sure there are many incomplete details to be dealt with, which I am working on. Thank you for your understanding, please do not hesitate to criticize or share your feedback. The overall mission is now to convert the R&D to A&D (Apply & Develop) with you. Thank you all in advance for your cooperation. Just show at least a millionth of the passion I am sustaining and we're all set ;-) That's why, I hope that's OK, I am charging a one time fee of only 1 YLE (Your Local Exchange but USD, Euro or GBP for now) which will also cover the expenses for the R&D (up until now) and for the A&D (Apply&Develop, post R&D, after now) that will comprise the activities of completion of introducing you the full scope of Renaissance 4.0 + getting you involved at least by becoming jury + including AI and computing to the scope and alike. 

  • Meanwhile, 1 YLE is not a must; There is free option and 'you put the price tag' option, too. Somehow you will be involved!

  • I may need to make changes in various details when necessary without leaving the main idea and without deteriorating the scope as a whole.

Magic Formula +mode > Renaissance 4.0 > The new ism

You will start from yourself and arrive at yourself.

Roadmap to summit right through

the roadmap for rescue

mission possible!

Be the one!
ıt ıs tıme for +mode
become a pioneer of the pioneers
Spread the mood!
Not all is set  around here yet, but still... Feel the +mode, Join the Mood, Reserve your lead pioneership!

If you decide to join please first make your transfer then send a message thru the form below if you need to. Your payment options are presently as follows:

1. Wire: Bank Info: Account Name - Ozgur Madak | HSBC | 

 Istanbul | Swift Code: HSBCTRIX

USD IBAN#: TR74 0012 3007 1722 3774 3770 01  EURO IBAN#:​ TR39 0012 3000 0058 0399 1000 01    GBP IBAN#: TR12 0012 3000 0058 0399 1000 02

2. Try TransferWise maybe?

3. Skrill. [Ozgur Madak(I think this would be an easy option, too, it seems economical. Still go with any option you'd prefer. Skrill also says no transfer fee when you send money directly to a bank account.) 

4. PayPal

I guess it should be fair enough for now. I'll try to enhance other options as well later.

Thank you. {If you send money but do not fill out the form it means you disregard the refund policy but want me to +mode as many people (and organizations) as possible on your behalf.} 

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

Please note that the formula and the complete scope will be fully delivered as target 1.000.000 covered participants  is reached: E.g. 1000 participants who comes aboard with 1000 USD/Euro/GBP each, that means each is covering 999 other people. And that also means the target to be at the start line is reached. I will make a stey by step flow of the whole process from A 2 Z. Some parts of the basic visionary set will deliver occasionaly before the target is reached so that when the formula comes you'll just be ready with such early exercises. There are details I still need to take care of but basically all is set so somehow let's start... Please feel free to share any recommendation or critique you may have. Thank you!

YLE in the long run but USD, Euro, or GBP for now.

Thank you! You're the one!

About the refund policy. Please select one.


1 YLE per person; Your Local Exchange but USD, Euro, or GBP for now; Min order 10, if this is your 1st time. You will be covering minimum 9 other people along with yourself to +mode them!


1 YLE per person (USD, Euro, or GBP for now); Min 10+. You and ? others; You determine the number. Maximize your min, Sky is the limit!

  • E.g. Consider all your friends on Facebook, or people in your network, even people you don't know. Or all students worldwide! Since minimum 1.000.000 is the target, think big! And put a mark in history! 

  • Please contact for special arrangements we could determine to customize the technical details as per your ideas, and how we can include you to the scope. 

If we go with Min 10 it requires 100.000 lead pioneers. Higher your min, sooner we arrive at the start line! E.g. 1000 lead pioneers who comes in with 1000 each. Or if you have limited potential less than 1000 still you can come on in with 1000 and I will work on reaching out to the balance you are missing. With 1000 you'll still be the head pioneer. 

You can join as an individual, as an ngo, as a company, as an association, as an investor.. No limitation! You will be the first evaluaters of this new methodology, and have your name written in history. NGOs can become a jury free of charge! Just a +mode letter is fine ;) 


Free. Once we make it to minimum 1.000.000 target thru somehow with the help of the above scenarios you will learn the formula, the whole scope, and baaaang! You'll see the beyond then.

* 1 YLE pp (USD, Euro, GBP for now) = 1 set, comprised of the super formula, the vision intro, one or more e-book including the positive vocabulary, super future workshop format anyone can do anywhere, 'grandmo grandpa you have a minute?' workshop format, various other things not yet exactly determined such as an app, discount coupons, other advantages or visionary stuff. The content of the set can be delivered individually at different times. And will sure be enriched by time.

Lifelong valid 1 time fee with continuous advantages. Keep the set if you ask for refund.

With this present fund you are contributing the R&D will continue as A&D -Apply&Develop- The focus will be to continue to develop the end products, which in this case are the super formula and the vision/methodology around it. Super formula is the heart of this new age methodology aimed at creating progress whereever and whenever it is necessary for any mission including to change the world. Developing an app, and role of AI will be included in the agenda of the next term.


1- Each 100 brings you some other gifts + the set. (To be determined)

2- Each 250 brings you an extra specially designed flash disc memory with the whole written and visual content about the super formula and the +mode vision, and a certificate endorsing your lead pioneership.

3- Each 1000...Let me think about it.. Sure all above but the extra... Maybe one extra can be promoting your initiative (business or social) around here, and a certificate endorsing your lead pioneership.


E.g. If you participated with 100,  250, or 1000, it means you are giving the super agenda and the whole scope as a gift to 99, 249, or 999, respectively, other people. You can reach out to that 999 people or I will help you with that and we'll reach out to youth especially. The extras are some memorial presents to endorse you for taking the lead in touching others visions. So there will definitely be a certificate stating this!

Let's say you are a student with limited budget: Still come on in with 1000 and collect 1 from each person you will share the formula with. Or sell it for 5 ;-) Tell them you know how to change the world and offer the super formula.  

* No donation is accepted. Please consider Option#2 if you have such a thought. That's the best way to support the program and help spread the +mode mood.

* This is certainly not about collecting your data (or anyone's data including your subleads, etc) so the fields in the above form are kept at minimum. You can share your e-mail only if you want to be updated about the progress, or you can do this by checking out yourself from time to time. E.g. If you join with 500, let's say, you don't need to send any info now about who they are. But you will begin to prepare your list, for later, and maybe share the agenda with them. When the time comes for all of us to see who is in the jury then their names will be listed only if they want to. If they don't then you'll recruite someone else. 


*If you can send a message after you make transfer it will help me to catch up with you.

* Valid for all 3 options: You can put the price tag yourself later once you evaluate the whole scope after you learn all about it; and send or don't send the balance. Just another idea to brainstorm when the time comes: 

How would you do it? What would be the price? What would be your rating for the idea and the overall process including the R&D phase. 

Please note that there is no specific person (except myself), no specific group, no specific politician, no specific company or any sort of association/investor/agenda etc behind all this. Ooops, sorry, there is an agenda and that is to poke your mindsets!

  • Wire: Bank Info: HSBC Istanbul

Account Name: Ozgur Madak

Swift Code: HSBCTRIX

USD Account IBAN#: 

         TR74 0012 3007 1722 3774 3770 01

EURO Account IBAN#:

         TR39 0012 3000 0058 0399 1000 01

GBP Account IBAN#:

          TR12 0012 3000 0058 0399 1000 02 

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

Briefly about the Refund Policy:

Far at the end if you are not satisfied with all you got I will simply ask you to write a report to start the refund procedure.

You will evaluate it with Min '9' and with your favorite NGO(s) first, before sending it to me.

I may need to cut a small portion, up to 50%, for the expenses, maybe I won't though, we'll see. The refund amount will either be sent to you or if you want it will be donated to an NGO, preferably active in environmental protection, on behalf of you.   

You will note and include your favorite NGO during the processes so I'm sure this will all be really easy... It seems hard, maybe a bit complex, but it is not. The whole scope and the roadmap is all well designed so these are just minor details to strengthen the vision and to designate your involvement. So, your approach is the key to label the whole process as easy or difficult. All this is really baby play compared to the actual scope ;-)

This whole content above is only 0.001% of the whole scope of the campaign that will introduce the vision and the action plan to you all.  

Just trying to make a start by somehow getting you involved to make it to the start line of the 'beyond'... And somehow I need such a pressure ;-) I already feel responsible to everyone and to those specially who are reading these lines anyway, so next step is this next level to continue as it should be.

The social media strategy of all this is whole another detailed and comprehensive issue I may get into later. I have the concept ready in my mind.

Our full focus, at the same time and thereafter, will be to form a common culture and a flexible & functional framework for everybody and for our common future, and we'll do this by working on a solid visible base theory coupled with an 'action now' plan easily applicable by any person anywhere from any background.


If you look at this as a thesis, I want you all in the jury! I assure you will love every single bit of it.

I believe, all together, it will be the first of its kind...When was the last time you contributed formation of an ism?! This is your call ;-) 

More about 'beyond'... Well, this is getting long to read... We'll talk about this later. 

Anchor 1

Basically what I am telling is I am trying to reach out to 1st one million participants  who would be the jury of the overall scope which has a solid 10 years R&D behind it all run and managed by me only. Feel free to say 'Oz, I'm in, I will reach out to 1000 people so that we'll hit the target sooner, and we'll all know all about this new methodology and begin to use asap! We MUST have a practical plan not only to get people involved for a better common future but also to feed our hope for it with a solid action now plan. Oh man this is really so exciting.' { :p }   If it turns out I can't reach out to 1000 I will ask for your help.


You/Us    >    Magic Formula > Renaissance 4.0 > New Ism    >     You/Us     >     ?

All required for the must mindset shift if we all want a great common future for all of us an individual and as humanity.

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