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The road to the summit passes through


+mode is here somewhere...

Super Formula will help you/us get there. We will consider other ways, too, to get there.

+mode is where the Star Gate is!  

 ∞  > Super Formula +mode > Renaissance 4.0 > Your New Ism >   

The summit of your potential!

You/Us > Super Formula +mode > Renaissance 4.0 > Your New Ism > You/Us

If it is You;

You will start from yourself, and arrive at yourself.

If it is Us;

We will start from ourselves, and arrive at ourselves.


You and minimum one other random or known person;

Or, in fact, us as one humanity!

Super Formula +mode, Renaissance 4.0, and your new ism are all intertwined phenomenons.

The formula will humbly serve as a star gate :) I mean start point ;-)

Super Magic Formula

+mode [before and after picture]

Renaissance 4.0

New ism

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Let's connect the dots, fill in the blanks, fulfill 4.0;

Then upgrade to 5.0!

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