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Everything you have learnt so far during whole your life, and everything you are going to learn or be taught, everything you thought and everything you are going to think, speak, and do, every single thing that passed thru your mind or in front of your eyes or by your ears… will find their perfect spot in your outlook with this formula, and sit at their right places for the ultimate best 'you' and for a great future, both our individual future and our common future most importantly as humanity! Once you learn about it you'll say "Yes, this is it!".

You are going to start saving the World now! No more waste of time and energy with complaints, analysis, diagnostics, tons of words, endless discussions, debates, etc. Time for optimum resource and energy allocation for solid action starting from your very self first! And if you want to continue to debate, still do so but include this formula to the agenda!

No other method worked - for better - unfortunately, apparently, so, “ I’m sorry” but you have no other option. I'm simply happy to be able to put a comprehensive and user-friendly methodology if you are looking for one, or if you just want to have an idea on how you/we can make things just better without leaving any single detail out. 

All this, campaign etc, can result in a huge failure (??), yet, all risk is overtaken by me. Whatever is accomplished during the campaign, whatever small gains anyone receives during the process, is fair enough, and it means success. Those who see the value in this overall scope sees it and in general acts accordingly anyway. The goal, regardless there is failure or not, is to pull everyone up to that mindset level, +mode, that can (and wants to) recognize that value and the meaning of all this; Once all, or even one more person, at least begins to feel what this is all about and begins to think and act accordingly then no word of failure; mission accomplished.    

The magic formula will touch every single bit of our lives! 

 I hope, and I think, this is just the beginning; and we are just starting people! Are you in?! Get involved now! 

 The overall framework of how to introduce you the formula, which is the key of Renaissance 4.0, has just become a fantastic one; it is way more than what is written below... It has gained some great new dimensions but still including the following general details. As you may guess there are too many details to cover, yet all will be taken care of by time.


  • Once more is ready about it and the overall vision, all will be coming to you soon. And for those who asks how they could begin to further get involved and contribute besides making these boring readings; you have 'free' and 'you put the price tag' options coming along with 1 YLE pp basic option (Your Local Exchange. Refund policy in place) to become pioneers! And for now, just so that I can handle at the moment, let's go with USD or Euro instead of YLE.

  • I did my best to provide us all the best, convenient, and friendly  conditions to get you involved. There is nothing you would reject! And it is all about your future! The pioneers will definitely have some advantages I can't yet determine all of it, besides, these are really small details we can always discuss. 

  • By saying boring of course I didn't really mean it; but for those who finds it boring: come on now, how could talking about a solid vision with 'action now' plan, getting every single person involved, to elevate our mindset and work on a solid and practical plan to advance our visions to change the world be boring? Of course it will require tons of writing and countless words... You should at least feel 1% of the passion I am trying to sustain to make our future great ;-) Otherwise will you just expect a great future and then just wait and see? That is not logical let alone fair. It can not be you...It is not you.

  • Bottom line is that I want you to be a pioneer in this vision which says: "Changing the world; From Theory to Action! While you don't even have a theory... Now you do, and it is coming with 'action now' plan!


  • You can use the vision (as a whole or partly the sections you pick) alone by yourself, or with a group of friends or colleagues, or as a local or global community of any type, or as an ngo, or as a company, or even as a country! You can be 7 or 70 years old, you can be a student or a professional, you can be a normal citizen from any background or profession... This vision is for us all for a great common future as humanity. It is done deal! You don't have another option anyway! If you think there is, we will work on that, too!


Here let's give it a soft start (We must leave behind these baby steps asap as after these steps we have to arrive at the start  line!)

The easiest Step 1; Positive Vocabulary Workshop: Alone or within a group at work or at school or with the family or during a social, you can simply make a positive vocabulary workshop; Everyone will contribute one or more motivating words or must have characteristic so that you will make a list of the positive, ethical, true to have adjectives/characteristics. Then from having a nicely designed printout of it and putting it on your wall, to sharing it with kids or students, or sharing it online, there is a lot to do with that list. What else can be done will follow later, and I think AI will be involved. And of course we'll combine all the outcomes of your workshops to have one common giant vocabulary!   


  • In the future I may try to look into whether I can pull a thesis or something out of this new vision. Or maybe some of you will. Some topics in the vision may as well become subjects for students who are looking for a subject to work on. And sure if a thesis is to be studied, I'm sure it will though, it will definitely be interdisciplinary.


 "You must want to be first-class...meaning the best, the very best you are capable of becoming. If you deliberately plan to be less than you are capable of being, then I warn you that you'll be deeply unhappy for the rest of your life. You'll be evading your own capacities, your own possibilities."   Abraham Maslow 

YouWE are going to be yOUR best with E+Model.
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