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Think out of the box...? Oh yeah!

KNOWing what this cliché stands for; Maybe in order to bring a new perspective:

I've been looking for the box to think out of! Nowhere could I really  spot it in my sense.

But everywhere and every incident and everyone was ‘directly’ assisting me during this below
process re that damn box.

    SO, thinking out of the box, I created a box first, in the flexible shape of a
    vision, for myself and for us all. For now I will ask you to stay tuned for further
    details. It is becoming such a fantastic and giant 'transparent’ box
    for everyone worldwide to think out of!

I MEAN you will live inside and fill in it first, create a systematic around it, then try to reach and force the non existing borders of it from inside, and then go out of it, without damage -if you can- and think there! That is also where we should be living. Collaboration will help us to accomplish it:
Think there & Live there.

    WE WILL finally have the most amazing 'think out of the box' thing that will
    serve as a milestone in our lifetime I believe, also in our common future
    as humanity.

DO YOU SEE what I mean? It took me more than a decade, so that's OK, just be patient please.

    PLEASE allow me to quickly tell you this though: New age 'must practice'
    philosophy of entrepreneurship, starting right from simply 'your name'.
SECONDLY; Isn't it time to rescue this 'think out of the box' statement from being a cliché while people are not even thinking or thinking 2D max? Of course this depends on the occasion but here I am pointing most people worldwide only if we really want to think out of the box and in fact
if we really want to change the world.

    Thinking of AI get into above scope... Priceless!

Think Out Of The Box (You are here)
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