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A musician friend of mine, Sinem, was once asking the definition of life... So here below I am trying to give a humble answer.

I think, putting everything into notation - I mean everything, every single thought, word, action, all feelings, everything that happens or happened, or anything that have not yet happened, not yet thought; putting them all into words, into a vision, into an end product, into a melody, is life! Then to musical notes and maybe actually making a music out of it, like Sinem is doing in a fantastic way, is life! Every music, every song, every single stage you have left behind or you will embrace in the future, with smiles or with tears, is life! If you dance while listening to that music or while creating a vision, then that’s something else, and in fact, that is life!

First, creating a vision; Second, swimming/dancing in that vision; Third, sharing the vision... is life!

Maybe, all above, is only a very little portion of life, and in fact perhaps it is just the beginning! And it deserves such a magnificent beginning so indeed fulfill the above descriptions regardless!

Sorry if you got lost between lines, I kinda did!, but tried to do my best to recap my mind for an hour in the middle of the night pals..... 
And sorry for the yummy yummy ice cream image.

Life (You are here.)
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