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Ladies & Gentlemen,

I hope you enjoyed the time we spent together..

BE aware that YOU MADE it a great night..

Age doesn’t get better by TIME, BUT WE can make many other things better, JUST if YOU WANT it and JUST if WE STAND TOGETHER and JUST if YOU WANT to make a DIFFERENCE without NO EXCUSE. Then WE CAN even make ‘age’ BETTER by time..Simply, YOU want WE can, things just BECOME BETTER, not only the parties..

WITHOUT YOU it will NOT be a party, but WITHOUT YOU there WILL BE many, there will be wars, WITHOUT YOU there will be hunger, WITHOUT YOU there will be loneliness, WITHOUT YOU there will always be local and global all kinds of problems..forever. for them to stop, there must be YOU. The key is YOU, the gate to BETTER is YOU; for YOUR wellbeing and for EVERYBODY’s wellbeing, for your FRIEND’S wellbeing, for your FAMILY’S WELLBEING, for your COMMUNITY’S and for this WORLD’S WELLBEING. YOU.

Forever Peace and Friendship,



Note. December 16th 2019.

So I believe I managed to come up with a comprehensive and practical roadmap that would exactly match, and help, with the above analysis, and serve as user friendly tool to be 'you.' 

An analysis should not remain just as an analysis, right?

+mode for you and for us all. Preview at {Scope/Philosophy, is ready. There is too much to do on the technical side but feel free to come aboard.}    

After Birthday 2004 (You are here.)
Think Out Of The Box
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