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Surfer Silhouette


What passed thru my mind were all converted to some kind of brief statements.
Quotes byOM

What I have tried to accomplish, is nothing, compared to what we could accomplish together.

Don’t think you can not do it; believe in you can!

Be proactive, not to be negative.

With friends, even the desert is fun.


I prefer not to be understood at all, instead of being misunderstood even a little.

Whatever it may be, be happy. :)

And fill in the blanks here: While trying to do great for (the) …………, I have done nothing (or little) for (the) ……………    (The statement may help you with balancing the efforts we spend for what or who we care about and our values.)

Do you want to make earth the  peace&love center of the universe, or the war center? Act accordingly.

Thank God they had different and much higher point of view and set their priorities different than us.

The biggest sin, probably, is, not to do something good, about something which you think you can do something good about.

And finally…

YOU want, WE can!

ps: it's not me.

i wish i were :D

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