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"Most beautiful land under the sky."

Said Herodotus for the region, yet, I'm still searching what exactly he said. :-)

I’m from Tralleis! Aphrodisias, Ephesus, Nyssa…These ancient towns are just a couple of others…surrounding the lands I was born in, Tralleis – ancient name for Aydın…In the vicinity of Tralleis are Akharaka, Alinda, Amyzon, Anaia, Apollonis, Arpasa, Brioula, Didiyma, Orthasia, Gerga, Gordion Teiklos, Karoura, Magnesia, Miletos, Myous, Neapolis, Orthesia, Plarasa, Piriene, Trapezopolis…to name a few only!

One of the architects of the Hagiasofia, Anthemius, was from Tralleis.

Aphrodisias was named after Afrodite, the Goddess of Love.

More photos and info will follow here -God knows when! So best is just go to Turkiye, especially to Aydin and see the lands where history and nature date…lands with thousands of years of history, unique nature, and unique people to have Turkish tea, coffee or raki with…no need to mention the all variety of traditional dishes cooked with the Aydin Mountains’ olive oil…

Doors are wide open for you to discover! You will be amazed; Just come and the Anatolian wind will take you around.

Feel free to contact me and ask for assistance or some smart tips with planning your trip! A trip for vacation or business, or for both is even better!

Brief history on Aydın:

Aydin was liberated on September 7th 1922 from the invading forces during WW1. Aydin has lived under invasion for 40 months during which it suffered a lot. Thanks to Efeler (local militia of the time supported by the local peasantry), who were then stiffened with the Turkish regular army under Mustafa Kemal's command.

History of Efe(suffix ‘ler’ makes it plural) dates back to late 10th century, and is worth to study it throughly if you like to learn more about this unique culture. From its music and dance to clothings finished with rich artistic handcrafts, it is really a unique one.

Heritage of Efeler is still kept alive as they not only represent earnestness, courage, and friendship, but also they were an inspiration and model for people nationwide fight back with the invading forces while the regular army was not even existing. Their vital efforts and resistance (which is named as Kuvayi Milliye all together) were acknowledged many times by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.

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