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Born 1975 in Aydın/Türkiye
’86 – Zafer Primary School, Aydın
’93 – Aydın Anatolian High School
’98 – Marmara University BSc Environmental Engineering, Istanbul

Graduate education included classes at Bosphorus University Environmental Technologies;

Certificate at New York University Business Management; Classes towards MSc at Columbia University Earth Resources Engineering; Japanese classes at Japan Society New York.

Continuing: Business, Project, and Idea Development in various fields especially on our common future..

All led the way to E+MODEL first, then to Renaissance 4.0.


Moved to NYC in late 1999 with the thought of adding US education and experience on top of my resume. Thoughts evolved, tremendously, and at some point I found myself also thinking the problems, environmental or not, local or global, were -in fact- beyond simply engineering scope, and much heavier and more serious and more critical than we could handle only with pure engineering and thru conventional approaches... A new complementary and functional dimension was a must.

So in fact, by purpose or not, I understood that against all odds I was forcing my focus to the actual source of the problems: You! (Yes you, and I mean it.)  And the human mindset in general.

But still You! {If you 'stop', once you manage to fulfill a role, a frame, or a mold etc.}

First time I said "Get involved, YOU can change the world" was in New York around 2003 2004 I think. Now, finally, it resulted in a brand new psychology and philosophy including models and a formula (E+MODEL) of the Super Human (100 % organic man I mean, no cyborg or anything). The only major goal is to poke the mindsets while at the same time letting them assist each other advance and get involved. 


Scients and experts from all disciplines should take a look at the Model, and share their views. That will be a milestone for sure.

So, besides all these;

My humble work/professional life, as part of that vision also, is also quite colorful I can say, and comprises a wide spectrum including environmental engineering, renewable energy, tourism&hospitality, international business and project development, textile sourcing and manufacturing, international logistics, Wall Street, consultancy in various industries for SMEs – entrepreneurs – NGOs, lobbying, etc.

Presently, in addition to working on fully activating the new philosophy, I am doing business and project development in various areas; connecting problems to solutions, connecting people, connecting companies, connecting supply to demand and/or vice versa.

Biz&PD section has further information about the complete agenda.

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