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What I never heard from Mehmet, my dad, is 'No, You can’t, etc'. And in return, I couldn’t do much for him, with him.

Whatever i did good, i dedicate all of it to my so much missed father, Mehmet Madak, the man who always left me free with my decisions along with sharing his opinions.


May God rest your soul in peace dad, and my deepest thankfulness and gratitude to you, for everything you have done, for all your support, for always believing in me, and for furnishing me with self confidence and the highest level of open-mindedness. Most importantly, for all those encyclopedias during the childhood that introduced me to the world for the first time, to science, to all different cultures and people around the world, to the universe, to anything going on besides our humble life in our happy corner; you took me beyond. Rest in peace… There is nothing I can say but express my deepest thankfulness.

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