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someMOMENTs priceless
Only some of them...

You can read a quick note from me now or later far at the end of this page.

Tea Borek Baklava party

for the UN NGOs

Annual Pilav Day

Snapshot story; From NY to the world...

Grand Bazaar I in Manhattan

Grand Bazaar II in Manhattan

Victory day celebration

During a meeting

Annual Pilav Day

During a meeting

Note from OM:


I have to deep scan my archive (from non digital times!) to bring back more visuals, above I quick found are ok for now I guess, and I've posted some on Facebook in the past.


Needless to say we can accomplish a lot when we think together and act together. Just like we did in New York! And of course I can not just allow it not to have resulted in something more fantastic than all of that together! Not only for that purpose but for a much higher goal in the name of our common future as humanity!

Briefly to say I've been working on this 'thing', it took hell of a time and resources but as a result, I managed to come up with this brand new vision which I've talked about it on some other pages... Everything that goes through our minds or in front of our eyes, is in this 'thing'. We're working hard to excel in something, or in various things, (or maybe neither argument is valid); Regardless, with all we think and do, or with all we are taught, we are trying to position ourselves in old fashion but still active practices and mentalities! We have to be able to do more than that and try to explore beyond our immediate potential. With this vision and the systematic it includes, we will!


RENAISSANCE 4.0   | The Compulsory Mindset Shift


What I've always tried to accomplish,

Is nothing,

Compared to what we could do together.

Consider when videos were shot there was no Facebook or anything at the time... It is like BC! Or in other

words BF; Before Facebook.

Hopefully I will finish a book on my personal BF&AF where every single content will be open to Q&A! Because every single content has helped me shape a section of this new vision, and I have to open it to full review and debate with all its details.

So that you and new generations will do better!

In other words;

if I am openly saying here is a brand new philosophy for you,

which is connecting everyone, connecting the past, now, and future, connecting all cultures, and doing much more than all this;

then everyone has to be able to examine anything about it. 

(I may even prepare another book comprised of Q&A;

Or it can be online in a way anyone can participate,

and contribute to the question or to the answer.)

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