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TRIPS MEAN A LOT needless to say...

After being first introduced to the world beyond my circle thru all those encyclopedias my dad filled the house with during my childhood, it is the trips I had and the new people and cultures I got to meet with during all these years that pretty much shaped my background +and foreground+ which brought me to Renaissance 4.0.

My first abroad trip was to UK in 1996; I was 21. It was sure a milestone. Thank you Hudsons!

Later on a few others followed; USA, Canada, Northern Cyprus, Greece, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Kosovo, Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweeden, Finland, Estonia, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia.. So going forward I look forward to add more to this list.

Some visuals will follow here... Sooner or later ;-)

But for now:

Amsterdam | Ankara | Bitola | Boston | Brugge | Brussels | Cambridge | Chicago | Cologne | Copenhagen | Guimaraes | Helsinki | Key West | Las Vegas | Leeds | Lille | Ljubljana | London | Miami | Milano | Montreal | Ohrid | Paris | Porto | Prague | Pristine | Prizren

| RomeSkopje | Sofia | Stockholm | Tallinn | TarsusThessaloniki | Toronto | Valencia | Washington | Warsaw   

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