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Talking of too much about AI nowadays, this is what Knack said. [2018]


All this which I tried to bring together in this website is simply a story of how my 'normal' agenda (consisting of a start in BSc in  environmental engineering) transformed to saving the environment (and the world) thoroughly with the help of developing new approaches and ultimately by upgrading whole of my agenda and all my passions into a solid form, in Renaissance 4.0, not only to inspire myself and continue, but also to inspire others, especially the youth, but definitely every single person. 

So, while a magic super formula is in the center of the whole vision, a fantastic brand new right to the point 'ism' will make the whole process and the complete scope sustainable, always renewable, always practical, which is going to keep the standards of the sustainability and the idealism always at its peak and practical for everyone.   

Simply to put, I think it would not be wrong to describe myself as a 'thinker, writer, doer'. And whatever happened

happened during when I was always trying to think, write, and do.


Kid's Drawing

It was my pleasure to meet you, and I would like to thank you for the great day you have spent it with us, although it was short, but was one of the nicest days we had in Ankara.
I am so proud to find a brilliant, educated, and smart young guy like you, because it is very hard in these days to find someone has your mentality, especialy amoung your generation.
I went to many countries, and I met all kind of people, but I have never seen a unique and promessing guy like you.
Dear Ozgur, I wish you a very successful life and career, and I am sure that you will get your target and will be a very bright business man.
hoping to see you soon.
sincerely yours…


Fire Performer

Kısaca Özgür Madak: Eğer sizin hayatınıza girmişse, o zaman biliniz ki hayatınıza girdiği saniyeden itibaren hayatınız değişir. Ben Özgür Abi’min askeriydim, onu tanıdığımdan dolayı çok şanslıyım. Bazen kendi şanslı hissettiğim anlar olmuştur ya onu tanıdığımda kendimi şanslı hissettim.
Hayatında daima başarıya doğru ilerleyeceğine inanıyorum abicim, hırsın hep gözlerinden okunuyor. Bana ışık tuttuğun için minnettarım, sana verdiğim sözü biraz gecikmeli olsa da tuttum ve tutmaya da devam edeceğim emin olabilirsin.
Seni tanıdığım için çok mutlu ve huzurluyum abicim. Allah’a emanet ol. Allah seni korusun.
Hayırlı teskereler. Şunun şurasından bir şey kalmamış sayılır.


Grafitti Man with Sunglasses

On behalf of The Friends of Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, I cannot thank you enough for all of your help and efforts. I am so pleased to work with you with future projects. Any way I can help will be my pleasure.

Best regards,


Digital Mind

Sevgili Özgür,
Senin kadar özgür,çağdaş bir birey yetiştirip bize hediye ettiği için annene teşekkür ediyorum. Onu yürekten kutluyorum. Mesajların kimligini oylesine net ortaya koyuyor ki, gençliğe olan güvenimi sevgimi güçlendirdiğin icin sana da teşekkürler.
Yolun açık olsun


Communicator and facilitator looks good on you :)


Army service 


World Council of Peoples For the United Nations


American Business Forum on Europe


UNA USA United Nations Association of New York


Daughters of Atatürk I


Daughters of Atatürk
& Sons of Atatürk


New York Metropolitan Martin Luther King, Jr.
Center For Nonviolence


Airline Ambassadors


Permanent Mission of Turkiye to the United Nations


Consulate General of Republic of Turkiye in New York, Educational Attaché


New York Consul General of Republic of Turkiye


Daughters of Atatürk
Turkish Heritage Award


College Yearbook | Marmara University


Kuşadası Hotel Summer Work


High School Yearbook | Aydın Anatolian High School

Scope of the above preview follows below:

Skyline New York

Note about me by me...

I think I found myself in New York City, at least 'mostly', because I am still looking for it :D

New York City is the city which gave me a lot, one of a kind great people first of all, and made me me, at least tried hard for it.

Well I suppose I did my best to add a color to NYC as well, so maybe we can be counted as even... 

After Aydın, NYC is my #1... In fact I think they share the first place. Actually London is there, too, as it was my first abroad trip, upon my beloved British brother&sister's invitation, in 1996 when I was 21. The way my vision would advance, my outlook, how I would see, was first poked during London project, then it gained countless and priceless directions in New York where it  began to say "You can change the world!". { I may have brought a bit of a new approach to American dream you know :D } And it made its peak in Istanbul and during my travels:  Renaissance 4.0 

Every single detail, every tiny bit of 'how to change the world' is in Renaissance 4.0. It is time!

Anyways, Thank you Big Apple and every single fantastic temp or f/t NY'er! Some of whose, the most fantastic ones, paths crossed with mine, and all who is making New York New York; You are all awesome, You are making NY awesome. Continue just like that... You secured your place in my dash.

Now the following lines may sound a bit weird. 

I have to do this as part of the super human project ;-) 


Above references were issued free of any 3rd party pressure or any kind of inducement by myself. I'd like to say this though: Don't just judge, just by looking at these, and come to a conclusion saying 'oh these are perfect, this guy seems to be great or something'.  I know this sounds absolutely weird, -I'm totally aware-, but yes I am 'trying' to be good most of the time, And yes I'm also sure there were times I looked the worst at the same time... 

I felt like I had to make this point to clarify what is passing through my mind while sharing all these things on this website to inspire all of you in one way or another in order to get closer to that super human!

An average human psychology (I am not a psychologist so please excuse my ignorance if I am wrong about how I see it. I'd like to include here an expert opinion, too.), so this psychology, and people, not only specifically to me but in general, tells you to promote such references and whispers to your ears ‘hey man these are great, you have to let people know about these, show your references, market yourself, bla bla bla’. So the only thing I am trying to do is to begin to introduce the new philosophy! So since the goal of the philosophy is to bring that super human to real life, I am trying to help with this process by starting it from myself and show that the vision is rising on genuine and sincere arguments. You can review and examine all details about the philosophy, this will be done anyway, so that you will not hesitate to beautifully put it in your heart, in your brain, and in your outlook.  

So, I am sure, in addition to all those references there may be tons of negative things, too, - I hope there is not much though.  

Anyways, I may open a section for negative opinions especially, where anyone can share any evaluation or any observation or any critic about me, or about the things just I've been involved with in general.  If our goal is that super human and try to be perfect as humanity, then we can not, and we should not, neglect any type of feedback for the sake of that. All feedback, positive or negative, lets to good, and must be of use to all of us to ensure a better common future. And during all these processes 'writing' is essential! Write down what you think...

So anyway,

I managed to come up with that single unque formula which will make us all perfect and perfectionise our common future at the same time.

After years long observations and hard think and hard work I managed to design that unique marvelous flexible one of a kind practical philosophy of the Super Human, as you may have read a bit about it on the homepage. I look forward to share it with you asap. Actually begin to share because it is whole another process to step into it and then advance inside it.

And once we step in, we must first pass Level 1, which is ...

You'll all become perfect, at least try, whether you want it or not! Because the formula is coming along with an action 'now' plan based on a sustainable method of continuous communication and cooperation... Which I call C³: Continuity x Communication x Cooperation. Blended with P&P: Passion and Patience.

Well, I'm so sorry, this was not supposed to be a long paragraph... Sometimes I can't just stop talking. Well there is too much to say (and do) that's why.

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