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The content took ages to form, but it took about three months to start and finish the 'Ozgurism' book. It went live on June 24 2024, making a great team with The Vaccine that was published in November 2020. The progress and the transformations, evolutions, that occured after The Vaccine are all depicted in this final book entitled Ozgurism. They perfectly completed each other, and the whole YNIVERSAL vision. The only missing in the overall subject vision and in the algorithms embedded in the books, is you! And a Vision Checkup session will serve as the most eccentric and productive ice breaker, ever, between you and the vision, and between you and the future.

You can directly order the books online, yet, please be informed that for every 100 friends you cover (1 USD or Euro or £ pp) you automatically enroll in the gift system which gives you the books for free as a gift from me, 4 copies of The Vaccine (power vaccine in the shape of a wisdom workbook) and 1 Ozgurism! You do the math ;-) You save from shipping, too, plus, you reserve your front raw seat! In addition to many other priceless savings... Have you ever witnessed the birth of a new ism?! Now you will. Besides other gifts will probably follow.

25 is great, too, for a start, instead of 100. I'll be glad to provide the workbook as a gift to +MODE!

For 50: 1 workbook + 1 Ozgurism book ;-)

For 75: 2 workbooks + 1 Ozgurism book

For 100: 4 workbooks + 1 Ozgurism book

Tons of details to cover. Specifics amount to infinite. And we'll come to every bit of it.

Infinite story shortest, though, it is global vision checkup time. It is also time to fully understand and internalize the Star Sustainability Matrix, with Vision Quality at its heart.

Some more reading on the Vision Checkup procedure;





And we'll embody the new vibrant.


2023 started great! After a numerous and critical progress the vision project had in 2021 and 2022, following the first of its kind social intellectual Wisdom Vaccine published in 2020, and YNIVERSE was born in 2022,  it was Smart Loop's turn to come forward as we entered 2023. And look what February 2023 brought:  All this required a new hub, too, by the way, and will serve the purpose.

From 2000, the year my agenda completely transformed as I began to get quite active in New York and get involved with the NGO world at highest max;

To 2023, the year whole scope and the core set of algorithms completed their evolution with YNIVERSE, YNIVERSITY and the YNIGRAPH! It took 23 years solid! YNIQUE R&D&A [Apply] indeed! And yes, you are the key. YNIVERSE is complete, only with you.

mottoYOU from 2000 made it to YNIVERSITY, the summit, in 2023. It is now your very turn. Start with Vision Checkup. And we'll further analyze everything on YNIGRAPH, and further multiply infinity with infinity! And we'll simply embody the whole process as best as we can. We will for sure. With 5B handy, it will be baby play, and it will be great fun.


Big Bang, is yet to happen.

Mark is taking you to Metaverse; Elon to various corners of the Universe. Yet, you must first make it to Yniverse. And Oz will take you there... ;-)

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Update 06/2022

It's not fair to call an evolution 'update', though. Deep story, infinite story.

20202022 time period was indeed a cornerstone in the ongoing one of a kind construction project... Recently having reserved the .io in early June for the YNIVERSE that clearly showed itself in January 2022 marked a milestone summit for the infinite vision/action scope that has been underway for basically ‘ages’.


The visual, somewhat depicting the whole construction from one angle with one basic approach only, also showed itself in early June at a moment when I asked myself 'so what do we have now handy, how do they look like together, how do they also 'visually' complete each other?'


With all the interior works and the joints/interactions among the building blocks, the elements, and within each element’s own world, the construction has come along a very long way, and will be continuously evolving towards the future until forever. It will be evolving both as one whole and also in microscopic level within its wholeness.


Like the Star Roadmap has 5 zones + you, or like you have 5 senses +you, this visual has 5 major elements + you. +Countless details not seen directly but to be discovered, felt, realized, etc. E.g. 5 zones also refer to 5 senses of your vision, or its chakras...


Unlike a puzzle,

These elements do not have just one fixed position to go sit as shown in the visual. Even the present positioning you see now offer infinite number of outcomes you can arrive at depending on your perspectives or how you approach to it, how you think about it. They are multi dimensional mobile elements and free to move/vibrate around as YOU see fit. None of them is superior to the other; each one has the ability to convert to a host containing all others, and can point out to an extra mile to run in a different direction for the other elements which each extra mile helps that element evolve, and get closer to become a whole; Each one is also a vibrant and in motion habitat on its own, also intertwined with each other and intertwined with YOU, too, if you want to see the ties and the interactions, yet, in the background, they will always be attracting to each other like a magnet, whether you want (to see) it or not, to form the whole,

Like a puzzle.

It is a must to Read Think Write to throughly Understand and to properly/wisely React.

Don't worry; First of its kind social intellectual wisdom vaccine, in the shape of a workbook, and on sale on Amazon, will help with the process. It will be a baby play process.

PS: Surrounded with unique algorithms which are not running on any software, YNIVERSE will activate only when you are on board. So the whole yniversal picture depends on you to move forward, and continue to thrive with you! Only with you, it will advance further. You are the key to unlock and unleash the yniverse simply b/c it is all about you, and your future.






Roadmap is ready!

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Welcome to birthplace of Renaissance 4.0, and more! Which is the new world, and only a start.

I think this website will serve as some sort of a dynamic canvas to me, and to you as well, where I'm going to reflect what is going through my mind and agenda. In fact, some parts, especially the most important ones, should be 'our' agenda. And considering everything is connected, all are important I believe. This may make things a bit complicated, but always fıgurable if you give it a closer look or simply a thought. 

And if we want a better 'common' future, we'd better do more than just looking or just thinking or just speaking. We must think + speak +write+do.

With this new methodology I designed, you will be having a new and one of a kind tool for this. >>> +mode  

"The only thing to do to change the world is to inspire people, and to do it with the help of a great new theory coupled with a solid 'action now' plan."    Don't you feel the need? >>> +mode

I have this vision which always told me to never lose direct eye contact with it even for a second. I’m talking about a vision, which includes the above mentioned theory, and which is all about ensuring idealist and well-grounded + continuous and sustainable development & civilization at all levels for all individuals and organizations for our common future as humanity,

and as the whole world with all its inhabitants. Someone must have taken this serious and come up with  a simple methodology that can be used by anyone anywhere from any background at any age! The most practical, at least at the beginning, and user-friendly methodology you can not resist! Renaissance 4.0 is only the start, and our paths already crossed. We will start from ourselves, and arrive at ourselves; simply with a pen & paper first.  App, AI, Blockchain, etc, will follow later, if necessary, when necessary. First must required above all is that mindset shift in all minds. >>> +mode

Ozgur Madak

You'll see how everything you see around here (or in general) or you've heard from me, or you have not yet heard at all, and everything in your agenda, are just sitting right at their places in this vision. A vision dedicated to you, and to our common future. >>> +mode

an inclusive hub for +mode | see below for upgrade

Love it? Rate it! Now or Later after you look around...Didn’t like it at all.It's ok.Different. Good. Very good. I like it.Loved it so much.Love it? Rate it! Now or Later after you look around...

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All else is being thought (!?) and done... You, in fact we all, need this upgrade now. Urgently! It is time.

We needed something new and unfamiliar, like a methodology,

Comprised of a super magic formula in its heart and other right to the point friendly models!

For both our individual future, and our common future as humanity!

For an actual, solid, right to the point change in the name of good.

First we will connect the dots and fill in the blanks. Rest will follow.

You will love it. We will rock it. For that to happen,

We'll need a start point,

and the super magic formula will serve  the purpose.

[The peak of idealist thought, word, and action.]

You are ready!

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Must have vision + Brand new culture for all


Let's connect the dots, fill in the blanks, fulfill 4.0;

Then upgrade to 5.0 | Yes 5.0 is ready, too!

Renaissance 4.0 is a mindset wide open &active;

New you, New us; For our common future | Revolution at its best

Human race reloaded. Come on in...

This is what you've been looking for!

R&D phase : 

Base philosophy :

Prototype :

Small scale implementation :

Base strategy for introduction to you all :


Next :

Pre-introduction phase alone will be a great start! 

Full introduction and implementation with all of you.

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It's time for some real change for real progress!



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Is it time to review your philosophy a little bit?

Yes, indeed it is!

Here is mine in simple wording:



It’s about discovering your potential, and then deciding what to do with it for your community and for the humanity. In case of conflict, remember, that the humanity’s future is our community’s future, which is in fact our very own individual future.

Discovering your potential best works when you seriously work on what you want or on what needs to get better. So what do you really want? What do you think that needs to get better? Start working on it. Show you are different. Show you can bring totally new and functional perspectives. Become a milestone. Don’t get lost in routine…


Are you an initiator? A motivator? An energizer? A leader? A renovator? A dreamer, who is working on realizing the dreams -not just dreaming? A developer? An improver? An achiever? Or a complainer!?...hopefully not!

Sure at least one of the above is you! Or maybe you are somewhat of a combination - I think it seems we all are...

See it; In case of combination, +or iny case+, bring it to a balance; Put it in action; Act with others.

 ”Get involved, YOU can change the world!” 

 YOU want, WE can!


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Hi there,

My name is Özgür,

But you can call me Oz.

I hope you will enjoy hovering around here. And not only like it, but in fact I hope that I will manage to let you begin to feel a little bit different than you usually do, just about everything that has been surrounding us since our birth. If we do not begin to think different, speak different, act different, look different, feel different, then I'm afraid nothing will change while we desperately need that  milestone moment  for change, individually and as humanity, to  +mode 

Ozgur Madak

Now watch!

"If you follow the classical pattern, you are understanding the routine, the tradition, the shadow -- you are not understanding yourself." Bruce Lee

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Here is that  milestone moment! 





So in fact it is more than an entrepreneurship model my friend ;-)

It is who you are! & Who we will become...

 Why don't you please click below button and quick check it first before continue? Thank  you... 

Now let's continue...Whether you clicked that or not ;-)

In a way Never Heard, Never Seen; Never Thought, Never Done!

It is Özgür Style…It is for you'th worldwide; It is for you to have

a better future by working on it in a systematic way; It is for

a more proactive humanity, for the humanity, for you! 

You can simply call it ' Super Human Project '.

Not so bad for a nick name I believe. 


The formula to become a Super Human is just simple!               

It is a model anyone can practice and is called E+MODEL;

E standing for Entrepreneurship,

'+' taking it, and us all, to +MODE!

In fact,

  • E+MODEL is more than an entrepreneurship model... It is yOUR future, and we'll come to that later. You will get lost in it! But we'll find a way out... And every time we find a way out we'll get closer to that super human.


  • Although making the formula work in real life may not seem that simple (in fact it is), with solidarity and collaboration it is more than simple and fun! Besides, I've been practicing it effectively, and it has been working just perfect. So, if i made it, you can make it, too! And you will sure do it much better; You have to. We have to!

  • It took me years to convert all this; whatever is passing thru my mind and agenda and in front of my eyes (sure passed thru your mind and in front of your eyes, too), to a solid visible practical formula (set of formulas!) within a broader brand new vision for everybody. The whole process took me 4 decades to be exact since I was born :-) Almost a decade in the capital of the World, New York; A decade in the capital of the civilizations, Istanbul, all on top of 2 decades in the capital of Efeler, olive oil, fig and more, that is Aydın, where I opened my eyes to this heaven, our beautiful planet earth.

  •  Meanwhile don't forget! E+MODEL is the 'heart' of the actual vision!  It is not the whole scope. The whole is just endless like universe... E+MODEL is like universe, too! As I said: I'm sure you will get lost in it, but only until you/we find a way out, and just thru this lost&found process we will feel illuminated as we advance.

  •  You can download this for further preview about E+MODEL

Click here to read more.

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to think&speak&work 24/7 for our common future?! OK OK, let's make that 20/7! 

Subscribe to mail list; Stay tuned; Take your active place in the Super Human Project!

"Give me a place to stand, and I will move the Earth." Archimedes

I'm not sure whether you will be able to move the Earth but this vision will sure help you shake it! 

By changing the way you/we think+speak+act that will help us become better (at least less destructive but more thoughtful) individuals of the humanity and inhabitants of the Earth, will definitely shake them both from feeling delightful at least!

It is time, already past due, that we show we deserve the life we have with countless variety of blessings and beauties. And we MUST protect every single bit of them for the coming generations to enjoy them like we are doing. That would be the best heritage we could ensure!   

This is the vision you will refer to for maybe, at least simply consider as a start point for a comprehensive evaluation for a fresh start! Buckle up & Hit the road!


Anchor 4







And wake yOUR potential up!

Your Local Exchange.

Yes, long story short, I have a practical thesis (a thesis with the action right now plan) for all above, and I want all of you in the jury.

So far, rest assured, every single tiny bit of the details are taken care of, mostly philosophically but also practically. And all will come to you as an end product with all its scope as a plug&play pack giving you the ability of customization with its flexible structure.


Once the app is ready, I think it will become your most favorite one. Even the time period before you will learn and get all about it, which started just right now, will be something else. Just for the whole philosophy to accomplish its mission in the most perfect and effective way for your future. Although it may look like a bit mysterious now, you'll later see that it was for you and it was worth it.


fine, deep, impeccable details

It is up to you how fine, how deep, how impeccable you will design and apply your +mode. You now have a magnificent roadmap to be the best you!

[ 5 / 5 ]

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Kindly reminder: Vaccine Workbook is the first of its kind social intellectual WISDOM VACCINE, in the shape of a workbook,  that only activates when you read, think, and write, for a start! The process, which you can repeat with any time intervals, that's to say every second, or hourly, daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly, yearly, etc, will also help with vision checkup and monitoring. On the side, you'll feel yOUR wisdom footprint will tend to rise.

The notes you take in it will later serve as dots to connect;
Some will turn into your super magic formula to make up your +MODE and some will form your RENAISSANCE 4.0.
+Mode will also transform to your home sweet home!

PS: All above and more beyond are rising on minimum 2 decades long R&D&A, 20 years solid. The vaccine workbook, that came aboard in November 2020, is the most critical component of the set of outcomes, which will let you actively and most productively contribute to the result, that is in fact the beginning, and continue the process in the most sustainable and meaningful way.


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